September 23, 2022

SLOconf Talks

by Filip Piwowarczyk

In May 2022 another SLOconf took place, we want to share with you a few of the most interesting talks from that conference. If you want to find more of talks like that, here is the playlist with all SLOconf 2022 videos.

OpenSLO and alerting by Weyert de Boer

Starting with talk about OpenSLO and alerting. It is good place to start to understand what is current position of OpenSLO.

What is Reliability by Ian Bartholomew

Understanding what is reliability of service and why it is important, gives us better understanding why we should use SLO.

SLOs for Everyone by Alex Hidalgo

How we can understand the need for SLOs in a real life scenario and how to declare objectives based on that scenario.

Evaluating event based Slos at scale by Liz Fong-Jones

What problems you can encounter during implementing meaningful SLO for your platform.

Don’t chase percentiles use histograms if you want precision SLO latency by Fred Moyer

How to better understand your latency SLOs using histograms.

Culture Clash: on PagerDuty DevOps SRE and Cybersecurity by Sal Kimmich

How we can use knowledge from different branches of the IT industry in our work.

Bonus: Outsystems use case of SLOs by Wayne Major

The last video isn’t exactly from SLOconf 2022 but from SLOconf Monthly Meetup. We want to share it with you anyway because it is great place to give your talk and talk with others interested in SLOs instead of waiting for SLOconf 2023.

In these talk Wayne shares story how create a large number of SLOs automatically for a large number of assets in your organization.